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The freight rate of the global container shipping market has reached a new high! The US line rose the most and the European line did not fall

The difficulties in the centralized transportation market have led to the continuous rise of freight rates, which has also forced Wal Mart, an American retail giant, to charter its own goods to ensure that it has sufficient transportation capacity and inventory to meet the festival business opportunities in the second half of the year, which is another major cargo owner after home depot, Amazon and other retail giants, who decided to charter their own ships.

According to media reports, Wal Mart executives recently said that the threat of supply chain interruption to sales is the main reason for Wal Mart to charter ships to transport goods, ensure that the transportation capacity in the third and fourth seasons provides sufficient inventory, and deal with the expected rising cost pressure in the second half of the year.

Compared with the latest issue of SCFI comprehensive container freight rate index of Shanghai Airlines exchange and the world container freight rate index of deluli, WCI continued to reach new highs.

According to the data of Shanghai export container freight index (SCFI), the comprehensive container freight index in the latest week reached 4340.18 points, a record high, with a weekly increase of 1.3%. According to the latest SCFI freight rate data, the freight rates from the Far East to the West and the east of the United States continued to rise, with an increase of 3-4%. Among them, the feu from the Far East to the West reached US $5927, an increase of US $183 or 3.1% over the previous week; From the Far East to the east of the United States, each feu reached US $10876, an increase of US $424 or 4% over the previous week; The Far East to Mediterranean freight rate reached US $7080 per TEU, up US $29 from the previous week, while the Far East to Europe freight rate fell US $9 to US $7398 this week after falling US $11 the previous week. In this regard, the operators pointed out that it was the weighted comprehensive freight rate of multiple routes to Europe. The freight rate from the Far East to Europe did not decline and was still rising. In terms of the Asian line, the freight rate per TEU of the Asian line this week was US $866, unchanged from last week.

WCI freight index also continued to rise 192 points to 9613 points in the recent week, of which the US west line rose the most by US $647 to 10969 yuan, and the Mediterranean line rose US $268 to US $13261.

Forwarders said that the European and American consumer countries were in red light and the shipments were expected to be shipped before the eleven golden week of the Chinese mainland. Now the manufacturing and retail sectors are expanding their replenishment. Even the year-end demand for Christmas is also being launched. The freight rate is rising every month, driven by the scarcity and strong demand. Maersk and other Airlines began to raise various surcharges in mid August. It is reported that the increase of American line freight rate in September is brewing to expand, with a jump of at least US $1000.

Maersk's latest report points out that the shipment peak is three to four weeks before the golden week holiday, resulting in delays in most major routes. In addition, the recent port congestion in the Asia Pacific region is expected to expand the impact of the golden week this year, and the three most serious regions are North America, Asia Pacific and Northern Europe. In order to ensure sufficient transport capacity for delivery, home depot chartered a container ship to transport its own goods; Amazon contracted ships to large airlines to distribute Festival opportunities in the second half of the year.


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