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Ruitong expanded metal mesh Ruitong quality control

Ruitong quality control

Introduction of Expanded metal mesh

We offer you a wide range of raw materials for the production of expanded metal mesh

We offer you a wide range of raw materials for the

production  of expanded metal mesh

Mild steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper

plate, nickel plate, titanium plate, ruthenium-iridium plate

Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate and other metal plates.

expanded metal mesh can be produced very thin suitable for a

variety of high-end precision instruments onThe unique

"stamping and stretching" expansion process produces zero

scrap and can be achieved with veryvery small, precise openings

to achieve in addition up to 95% open area.

Understand the parameters of Expanded metal mesh and choose the product that better suits your needs

expanded metal mesh Necessary parameters:
Necessary parameters:
b:Flattening method
c:Strand width
d:Strand thickness
e:Longway of mesh (LWD)
f:Shortway of mesh (SWD)
g:Hole type
h:Surface treatment

General expanded metal mesh and flattende expanded metal mesh

Long way of the diamond (LWD) – Measured from the center of
one node to the center of the adjacent node, the LWD is always
parallel to the width of the coil and corresponds with the
diamond dimension.

Short way of the diamond (SWD) – Measured from the center
of the node to the center of the node, the SWD is perpendicular
to the width of the coil. For each fixed LWD dimension there is
a SWD range.

Strand width – The amount of metal slit from the parent metal
in forming the mesh. The strand thickness is directly
proportional to the machine feed rate.
Measurement expanded metal mesh

Expanded metal mesh production process

Determine the specification of expanded metal mesh
Step 1
Communicate with you about the specifications, materials,
and other product-related issues you need, and prepare for
production preparation.

Step 2
Next, we select the right tooling mold according to your
product specifications and start production.

Processing expanded metal mesh
expanded metal mesh in production
Step 3
Then, the expansion process of stamping and stretching
begins on the machine with uniform mesh holes.

Step 4
The plate is stamped and the next surface treatment is
applied according to the requirements.

The finished expanded metal mesh with uniform mesh holes
Testing the quality of expanded metal mesh
Step 5
Finally, the expanded metal mesh is checked for dimensions
and some necessary tests are done to ensure the product can
meet your needs.

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