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Aluminum Foil Mesh

  • Aluminum foil mesh
  • Aluminum foil mesh
  • Aluminum foil mesh
Aluminum foil meshAluminum foil meshAluminum foil mesh

Aluminum foil mesh

  • Aluminum foil mesh is a kind of metal stretch mesh which is specially use for air conditioner filtration and hood filtration.
  • Material: pure aluminum sheet, iron-chromium aluminum sheet, aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet, alloy aluminum sheet 1 series, 8 series, 1060 electrolytic aluminum foil, 1100, 8810, etc.
  • Hole type: diamond-shaped
  • Aluminum foil mesh hole size: 1X2mm, 3X6mm, 4X8mm, 5X10mm, 3X8mm, 4X10mm, 4X12mm, 6X12mm can be customized upon request.
  • Product description: Our company adopts high-end punching machine to produce aluminum foil mesh with thickness between 0.04-0.2mm, which can meet the product requirements of high-end industries. And the aluminum foil stre

Plate thickness: single layer thickness 0.04mm-0.2mm
Mesh width: 500mm-914mm
Mesh length: 10m-100m
1.Used as substrate for cathode material coating in lithium ion rechargeable battery research.
2.Used for filtering and purifying air of oil smoke in home appliances, etc. Mainly used in the production of all-aluminum metal filters. The aluminum foil filter for hood is made of aluminum foil stretched into rhombus shape by mechanical stamping, after which the multi-layer aluminum foil mesh is stacked with the outer layer supported by aluminum expansion mesh and surrounded by profiles for the border.
3.Used for gas filtration or compacted and stamped for liquid filtration. For example, it is used as a filter at the air outlet of air conditioner, microwave oven, range hood, etc.
4.Used as a composite material for wind power generation wind power blade, lightning conductive.

Product Details

Product Details


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