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Ruthenium Iridium Mesh

  • Ruthenium-iridium mesh
  • Ruthenium-iridium mesh
  • Ruthenium-iridium mesh
Ruthenium-iridium meshRuthenium-iridium meshRuthenium-iridium mesh

Ruthenium-iridium mesh

  • Base material: Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2
  • Mesh hole: Customized upon request
  • Thickness: customized according to requirements
  • Product description: Our company uses high-end punching machine, custom-made production of ruthenium-iridium mesh can meet the high-end industry requirements for the product. Ruthenium-iridium plate mesh is mostly used in

Advantages: high corrosion resistance, high current efficiency, long working life, high current efficiency, strong corrosion resistance, long service life of the electrode, no pollution of the medium.

Application: mainly used in two major industrial sectors of electrochemistry and electrometallurgy. Chlor-alkali industry, aluminate production, water electrolysis, hospital sewage treatment, disinfection of domestic water and food utensils, treatment of industrial water, galvanization of steel plates with chromium and ruthenium, desalination of seawater by electrodialysis, battery production, cathode protection, etc. Application areas include chemical, metallurgical, water treatment, environmental protection, electroplating, electrolytic organic synthesis and other industries.

Product Details

Product Details

Ruthenium-iridium mesh

above Ruthenium-iridium mesh

Ruthenium-iridium nets for batteries
Ruthenium-iridium tilted collector network

above Ruthenium-iridium nets for batteries

above Ruthenium-iridium tilted collector network

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