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  • Battery Mesh
  • Battery Mesh
  • Battery Mesh
Battery MeshBattery MeshBattery MeshBattery Mesh

Battery Mesh

  • Battery mesh, also called battery collector mesh, electrode mesh, battery skeleton mesh, is an important part of the new energy battery.
  • Material: silver mesh, copper mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, nickel mesh, filter mesh, titanium mesh
  • Product description: Ruitong expanded metal mesh, Telr: 0311-89276065, our company uses high-end punching machine, custom production of various materials of battery mesh, raw materials, production, processing, custom one-

Thickness: 0.04--3.5mm

Mesh hole: 0.3X0.5mm, 0.6X1.2mm 1X2mm 1.5X3mm 1.5X2.5mm 2X3mm 2X4mm 3X6mm etc.

Collector mesh can be made into mesh slitting, punching and other requirements of the size of collector mesh and electrode mesh according to customer requirements.

Product Details

Product Details

Battery Mesh

above Battery Mesh

Conductive copper mesh
Titanium plate battery mesh

above Conductive copper mesh

above Titanium plate battery mesh

Battery aluminum plate sloping mesh
Expanded metal mesh collector network

above Battery aluminum plate sloping mesh

above Expanded metal mesh collector network

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